How to get started with your Agile project

1. Register your free project

Register you Scrumix project by choosing your project name, project key and you are almost ready to go!
Using scrumix is absolutely free to use for less than five project members !

project registration

2. Create project

Project section shows the detailed view of individual project like task priorities, types and statuses. Projects can also be to be created, updated and modified by the users.

project view

3. agile board

Task board shows project tasks as a cards. Cards can be moved forward or backward to reflect the current progression of individual task or task can be moved to planning. Task board supports drag and drop for all task types.
You can also create new sprints to your agile project, add tasks to your product backlog and manage your sprints.

agile view

4. planning board

Plan you tasks in advance with planning board. Move and position you cards with drag & drop. Start working with you tasks in agile or kanban mode.

agile planning board

5. sprints and epics

From Agile board view, create epics and sprints and organize everything using even multiple product backlogs. The number of tasks in each category is updated in real time to show you current state of your project.

epics and sprints

5.1. sprints and epics

Start sprint, view completed story points and view burndown chart. From sprint detail view you can see your sprint's progression and even automatically end sprints on deadline. All incomplete tasks can be automatically moved into next sprint.

sprint details

6. add new tasks

Tasks are added from project section Add task link from the right section of the screen. Tasks type, project area and related persons are also configured in task view screen. You can also update and even add sub-tasks using this view.


7. plugin configuration

Notifications and taskboard plugins are configured from Project Administration section. Configure your project plugins, notifications and Agile board settings.

plugin configuration

8. project areas

Project can have multiple project areas which can have multiple project area components. Task can be added and moved into different project areas and new project areas can be created.

project areas

9. file browser

File browser can be accessed project view Files section. All project files can uploaded there and kept withing project. File browser supports folders and file permissions for users and groups

file browser

10. project permissions

Project permissions are configured from project screen Permissions section. Every project can have read / write access configured for individual users or groups.

project permissions

11. reporting

View reports from created and open tasks by project, date and time period.

project reporting

Project settings

Project settings

1. Project statuses

Configure you task statuses and default status.

task statuses

2. Task types and priorities.

Configure task types and priorities.

task types and statuses

3. Project workflow settings

Configure project workflow to suite your needs.